Design and Construction team:

Students in the U2 Design and Construction studio of Professor Pieter Sijpkes:
Allan Chan, Derek Chow, Omar El-kahayat, Serge Gascon, Rana Hajjar, Sonya Jensen, Manolo Langis, Chun-MingLu, Laurel Miles, Olivier Ottevaere, Stefania Pasto, Luc Titley.

Senior construction crew:
Leszek Makula, Cyrus Bilimoria.

Concept, design and general supervision:

Pieter Sijpkes

Sponsors for the structure:

Centenary Committee School of Architecture
McGill 175 Celebration
The Royal Bank of Canada
La Brasserie Molson O'Keefe
Location Gamma inc.

Video Images:

Ricardo L. Castro

Computer Modelling:

Dena Zyroff


"Ice Palaces" by Fred Anderes and Ann Agranoff, Macmillan of Canada, 1983.

"Teaching the properties of thin shell structures to undergraduate architecture students- an empirical method using ice as a modelling material". A paper by Pieter Sijpkes published in the "Proceedings of the First International Conference on Light Weight Structures in Architecture" , University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. 1986.

Homepage Design:

Ian H. Roth

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