Expo '58 in Brussels and Expo '67 in Montreal
Some comparisons and links.
Assembled by Pieter Sijpkes February 2, 2010
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The Brussels site: completely landlocked; a feeling of cooped-up ness is prevalent

Word Exhibitions are important events: The King of Belgium opens Expo '58

The genius of Expo '67: a site surrounded by water and spectacular open,
unobstructed views from every where.



Symbol of Expo '58 The Atomium: a model of an iron atom

The Philips Pavilion designed by Le Corbusier and Xenakis


The Montreal story

The site during construction  in 1966

The Katimavik pavilion

Habitat '67 from the water


Construction photos of Habitat '67

The most successful pavilion: The american Pavilion

Construction                                                       Destruction

The avant garde automated (by photo cell) sun-screen system

The Calder Stabile in its original location during Expo,67

The very successful multimedia show at the Czech pavilion

The round Bell Canada pavilion with the surround screen.

The 360 degree movie being shown.

A model of the Bell Canada pavilion

The "Theme Pavilions", the one great disappointment of Expo '67

The Theme pavilions air view and interior

The very successful relocation of the Calder Stabile, to a site where it can be seen from the Old Port.
This was one of the most succesful investments made for Expo '67. It was enjoyed by the 50 million visitors
 in 1967 and continues to be enjoyed by many people today, while the value goes  up and up.