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Annual General Meeting

Chairman's Report by Jon Rowland

If the previous year was the period when the words 'urban design' finally entered our vocabulary, this past year has seen the Urban Design Group emerging from its discrete position to become more of a player in some areas of policy initiative. The UDG was one of the parties advising the DoE on its Urban Design Campaign. This initiative has used the idea of participation and collaboration between residential and business communities, landowners and local authorities to help unlock the opportunities for urban improvement. The UDG assisted on issues related to the UDAT process, the nature of outputs and the process: and helped the Secretary of State and his minister in evaluating the proposals.

Grant Applications

This new found relationship with the DoE has been furthered by the prospect of a three year special educational research grant to carry out a number of conferences and seminars and UDATs around the country. The first tranche of this special grant of £30,000 for 1996/7 will enable the UDG to carry out two UDATs or similar exercises. in addition the UDG has now become a statutory consultee on issues related to urban design. I see this as an important move in our gradually expanding role in policy advice and one we need to nurture especially with the possibility of a change of Government.

As you may have read in the Quarterly, we applied for a grant from the Arts Council following an initiative from the outgoing Architectural Adviser, Rory Coonan. Unfortunately whilst we thought we had got a small grant from them, this appears not to be the case - mainly because of what appears to be internal Arts Council problems.

Future Agenda

The results of our manifesto workshop last year have ended up as a draft agenda which was published in the Quarterly. We are looking forward to getting responses from you before finalising the agenda. So please comment.

We have also set in motion the idea of an urban design educational agenda. The results of our first thoughts will be with you later this year. This follows on from a very successful first exhibition of the works of students from various urban design courses. The exhibition raised all sorts of issues which were debated in the press. We are hoping to hold the next one in early 1977. The UDG would like to thank the various sponsors but in particular the Francis Tibbalds Trust for the prizes for commendations.


Whilst that was a successful event we have had a mixed series of other activities. I'm not sure whether there is much more competition around or that some of our members are just too busy to attend. Certainly the themed panel discussions have proved both intellectually stimulating and popular. It may be that such participative events could provide a greater opportunity to bring in more interesting and divergent views. However, I would like to say that we need things to make our events roll better:-

Perhaps some of the issues raised by our draft agenda could form the basis of a series of panel discussions.

We continue to make use of our expanding network of reciprocal organisations. Art and Architecture, The Institut Francais, Urban Villages Forum, The Landscape Institute and Living Over the Shop are organisations with which we now have mutual arrangements.

This, on top of other organisations such as BURA, and the Civic Trust, keep us in touch with people with similar interests. Our relationship with the RTPI is consolidating into what looks like an annual joint conference. This year's sponsorship by English Partnerships resulted in a publication which you have all seen. We need to replicate this with our other conferences. Our relationship with the RIBA has likewise improved. They have been in discussions with us regarding radical plans they have of sharing their building with other organisations.

This has been a year of breakthrough in terms of our relationship with the DoE. It has also been a year in which I feel that we seem to have missed out on the contributions of many of our members. I would like to see more involvement by members in the running of committees and the organisation of the different events, It does the UDG no good to rely on a continuing core of people. So if you are interested in participating then please let me or other members of the committee know.


Jon Rowland
Alan Simpson
Arnold Linden
Vice Chairman:
Roger Evans
Arnold Linden
Barry Sellars
Simon Rendel
Jon Rowland
Arnold Linden
Susie Turnbull
Jon Rowland
Arnold Linden

Treasurer's Report by Simon Rendell


The Administration office of the UDG has now been in operation for four years with Susie Turnbull as Group Administrator and is now located at Blewbury.


We at present have 939 members, an increase of 84 since last year partly gained through a special circulation to students. The membership breaks down as follows:

Individual full members
Students and retired
Overseas individual



The 1995/96 accounts have been audited in accordance with the requirements of the Charities Commission and a copy sent to them.

The Group relies almost entirely on subscriptions for the main costs which are the production of the Quarterly and administration. Generally it is estimated that with a more or less self- funding events programme we are now running at break even. By comparison the real surplus for 94/95 was estimated at £3,400. We are not proposing any rise in personal subscriptions this year - the fourth year running.


A summary of income and expenditure over two years is given below.


                        94/95         95/96
                      £36,114       £32,263*
*omitting approximately £9,200 for Spanish Tour
Broadly this splits as follows:
Subscriptions	              70%
Publications	              20%
(mostly from Practice Index)
Events	                      10%


                       £31,850      £38,201*
*omitting Birmingham conference payment carried over from 94/95
Broadly this splits as follows:
Admin	              28%
Publications	      47%
Events	              12%
Promotion	      13%

The decrease in income is mainly due to the fact that in 94/95 there were conference receipts in hand of £6,000.

The increase in expenditure is mainly due to the office move (£2024) and Exhibition Boards (£4,626).

Balance Sheet for Year Ending 29 February 1996

Total income 95/96                   £41,526.55
Total expenditure	             £52,820.71
Deficit for year ending 29.2.96	     £11,294,16

Balance at bank as at 28.2.95	      £6,845.93
Deficit for year ending 29.2.96	     £11,294.16
Cash deficit	                      £4,448.23

Transfer from COIF	              £8,000.00

Cash at bank as at 29.2.96	      £3,551.77

Remaining amount in Charities Fund
29.2.96	                             £14,306.00


Subscriptions	                      21,478.00
COIF Interest	                       1,271.36
Leeds Seminar	                         282.55
Spanish Tour	                       9,263.61
RTPI/UDG Seminar	                 365.00
Student Exhibition	               1,225.00
RTPI Conference '94	                 420.00
Lecture Programme	                 593.07


Practice Profiles	               1,040.00
Sale of UDQs	                         550.00
Adverts	                                 320.00
Practice Index	                       4,717.50

Overall Total	                     £41,526.59


Salaries	                       4,304.00
Rent	                                 500.00
BT.	                                 656.80
Refunds	                                 176.00
Bank Charges	                         377.37
New Office	                       2,360.21

Leeds Seminar	                         387.98
Spanish Tour	                       9,215.00
RTPI/UDG Seminar	                 300.00
Student Exhibition	               1,149.28
Birmingham Conference	               5,401.34
Lecture Programme	               1,778.75
Manifesto Day	                         167.00
Manchester Conference	                 170.00
RTPI Conference	                         155.80
Annual Conference '96	                  82.50
BURA Exhibition	                         205.00

UDQ	                              14,260.56
Design	                               3,513.25
EP Insert	                          65.00
Practice Index	                         126.00

Publicity & Marketing
Printing	                       1,713.00
Design	                               2,912.63
General	                                 407.16

Expenses	                         208.27

Overall Total	                     £52,820.71

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