Design and Construction II
Winter 2004


Cecile Baird, Architect
Pieter Sijpkes Associate Professor

This is the term's Notice Board:  
Group Meeting Monday January 5 Rm 212 @ 10.00 AM
Site visit after the meeting
the ICE STRUCTURES site is now open
IMPORTANT: The review of  Pavillion Structures Research  will start next Tuesday Morning at 9.00
 (Rather than in the afternoon, as originally announced)

Notice of Crit

Next week Monday morning, February 2, starting @9.00AM, students are asked to present the following:

A detailed model, showing the structural system that underlies the architecture of their design.

Two rendered drawings,
    A: an inside view of the space, giving attention to the lighting in particular.
B: an outside view at night, showing the way the building will look with the artificial lights on inside.


U2 Design and Construction II
Winter 2004
Prof. Baird and Sijpkes
Final Review of
“An Urban Pavilion”

The final review of the Urban Pavillion project will be on Monday February 16 starting at 900 Hrs in the drawing studio on the 5th floor.

Guest critic will be Stuart Kinmond, a McGill graduate now in practice in Ottawa.

What you should present:

•    A scale model 1:200 (and if you wish another one at 1:100). In this project the model is a very important piece of your presentation. The model should show the important aspects of the structural and environmental systems as truthfully as possible. (i.e. tension elements should look like they are in tension, and transparent elements should be see-through)
•    Detailed Plan of the site 1:100) and two sections 1:200. Two elevations 1:200. A large scale section showing an important detail of your building (for instance in the case of a tensile roof show the section through the fabric at the place where it is held in place or, if you have a façade that is connected to a flexible roof (grid shell or cable net), show how they are fixed together etc.
•    Two presentation drawings, one from the inside-out during the day, and one from the outside-in at night.



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