Design and Construction II
Winter 2004
March 1 2004
"A Multi-Purpose Pavilion"
Another excercise in determining architectural form through structure

Final Crit is on Thursday April 15 starting at 9:30 5th floor drawing room,
Invited critic will be Stuart Kinmond, architect in private practice in Ottawa.
Final Crit presentation requirements:
1.The model is the most important piece of information; make sure it fits properly into and onto the site model.
2. An overall plan of the site
3.A plan, two sections and two elevations of your building
4.A construction detail showing the basic arrangement of your main building elements
5. One drawing giving the most favourable 3D view of your building (It maybe inside or outside, day or night)

Cecile Baird, Architect
Pieter Sijpkes Associate Professor
for your interest:
ICE STRUCTURES local details: Bio-dome roof, drain details 1, 2, 3. Church on PieIX drainage details 1,2
This is the group Notice board
Field trips planned: Today, March 1 a visit to the Lionel Groulx Metro station site.
Tomorrow March 2 : a Visit to the Biodome to see how planting looks indoor in the Montreal Climate; also the Bio Dome is a large scale pavillion with an interestin structure. A walk across the Olympic site will bring up issues of scale, of siting, of materials and of the problem of 'meeting the ground'.

Assignment due next Tuesday, March 9 at 9.00Hrs.
The class divides into four groups: a model group, and three precedent groups Churches, Word Exhibitions, and 'regular' Exhibition pavillions.
*The mdel group will construct a site model in consultation with David Speller and present it at the crit. This model will be the base model for the whole group from then on.
*The other three groups will research  precedents of 'pavillion structures' under the heading  assigned to them. Powerpoint presentations of the 3 groups to the whole group are foreseen. A projector and a computer will be ready on Tuesday morning.

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