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Latest News: Friday November 22 

Next Monday afternoon we will meet in the studio to repeat the excercise we did last week: everybody presents the state of their project by showing jpg images on the digital projector that will be hooked up in the studio.
One aspect of most projects that was absent last week was the lack of specificity: it was not easy to identify for which artist the project was designed.  Try to find ways to improve on that for Monday. (Look at the attached pictures of the New York loft we visited as an example). Also try to include the neighbouring projects into your presentation.
On Tuesday afternoon there will be a short meeting at 2.00 PM in 212 to talk about the final crits and to do the course evealuations.
A few pictures of the New York city loft we visited:
interior interior  interior  interior  interior  interior  interior  interior
Picture taken across the street

Latest News: Friday November 15

On Monday afternoon, starting at 2.00 PM we will start reviewing the progress of your 3D digital modeling efforts. You are asked to save a dozen or so images of your digitized model and present them to the class for discussion. Prof. Mellin will join our group at 4.00 PM to answer any technical questions you may have.
After the presentations are finished we will discuss the list of requirements for the final crit of the term, which for our group will be on Tuesday morning, Dec 3.

Latest News: Friday November 8

Welcome back everyone from New York! I could not see each of you on Tuesday afternoon; I will be in the studio next Monday and Tuesday and make sure that I will see those students that I have not seen on Tuesday. In the meantime everyone should start to experiment with 3D modeling of their project EVEN IF YOU FEEL THAT YOUR DESIGN IS NOT FINALIZED. There will be opportunities for redesign later on. I am trying to get some expert Archicad help for Tuesday afternoon and  maybe evening. So it is important that you start working in digital format right now.

Pieter Sijpkes

The next phase of the 'artist studio and residence' project will be the making of a plan and model of the overall site, and the development of a preliminary concept for the       individual projects. The pier between the two basins is about 120 meters long (130 meters on the long side, 110 meters on the short one) This allows for 13 individual lots   of 25 feet wide by 100 feet deep. The building by-laws allow 60% of the lot to be occupied by built space; the rest has to be left as open space. The maximum number of stories is three, and the maximum building height is 55 feet. We will meet on Tuesday after Thanksgiving at 10 A.M. in the studio to discuss various planning approaches and to finalise the schedule for the rest of the term. Think about how you will organise your site and make some sketches of how you might lay out the residence and studio of your artist. (The lot is oriented almost perfectly East-West along its long axis.)
Here is a photograph of the site, and, once more the animated view 


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