Architectural Structures (ARCH241) 2014
Prof. Pieter Sijpkes
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basic required content for this  course;

Building Materials and Assemblies

Understanding of the basic principles utilized in the appropriate selection of construction materials, products, components, and assemblies, based on their inherent characteristics and performance.

Auguste Perret:

"One must never allow into a building any element destined solely for ornament, but rather turn to ornament all the parts necessary for its support."

"Construction is the architect's mother tongue; the architect is a poet who thinks and speaks in construction."

— Auguste Perret. from Peter Collins. Concrete: The Vision of a New Architecture, A Study of Auguste Perret and his Precursors. p199.

Viollet le-Duc:

“The extent to which buildings are beautiful is
the extent to which the special problem each confronted was solved in an optimal way."
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