Architectural Structures (ARCH241) 2014
Prof. Pieter Sijpkes

Auguste Perret:

"One must never allow into a building any element destined solely for ornament, but rather turn to ornament all the parts necessary for its support."

"Construction is the architect's mother tongue; the architect is a poet who thinks and speaks in construction."

— Auguste Perret. from Peter Collins. Concrete: The Vision of a New Architecture, A Study of Auguste Perret and his Precursors. p199.

Viollet le-Duc:

“The extent to which buildings are beautiful is
the extent to which the special problem each confronted was solved in an optimal way."

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                                                   *  Link to Assignment 1 'the chair project'

                                                    Course events:
                                                   *Assignment 1- assigned Wednesday September 10
                                                   *Assignment 2- has been assigned Monday October 13
Students should outline their Assignment 2 research topic in a one-page hard-copy document. They should describe the topic in a few paragraphs, and outline why it would make an interesting structure to research, listing the sources consulted so far. This one page outline to be handed in on Wednesday October 22
This preliminary description of Assignment 2 counts for 20% of the total mark for this Assignment.
                                                   *Late in-term exam, to be held Monday November 17, 10.30-12.30
                                                   *No formal final exam
Value distribution of final mark: Assigment 1: 25 %; Assigment 2: 35%; Exam 40%

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The Earth-Moon system as seen from the Juno space craft, almost 10.000.000 km away.
Gravity reigns supreme..everywhere!

Here's the link to the website with the answers to the midterm exam questions:

Interim Assignment
to be executed during the week of Oct.7 -Oct 14., when there will be no class on Monday Oct. 7, and on Wednesday Oct. 9.
An 'interim assignment' (as part-work for the final project), due, in printed from, Monday morning Oct. 14 at the beginning of class.
Every group is asked to give evidence of the research they have done so far on the structures that they have chosen to investigate.
You are asked to gather references to books and publications (or, better yet, copies of the actual publications),copies of photographic and digital images, drawings, links to video clips etc.
You are also asked to supply a simple sketch and outline of the approach your team will take to represent, in physical form, the structural principle(s) that from the basis of your chosen structures. If the model requires workshop activity, make sure to consult with David Speller about feasibility and supplies needed.

   A forty-two story highrise  built out of timber?

Architectural Structures 2013

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