Architectural Structures (ARCH241) 2014
Prof. Pieter Sijpkes
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Building Materials and Assemblies

1. Understanding of the basic principles utilized in the appropriate selection of construction materials, products, components, and assemblies, based on their inherent characteristics and performance.

        2. Understanding and being able to analyze and prediction the basic behaviour of structures over time under various inherent (dead) and applied (live) loads

Auguste Perret:

"One must never allow into a building any element destined solely for ornament, but rather turn to ornament all the parts necessary for its support."

"Construction is the architect's mother tongue; the architect is a poet who thinks and speaks in construction."

— Auguste Perret. from Peter Collins. Concrete: The Vision of a New Architecture, A Study of Auguste Perret and his Precursors. p199.

Viollet le-Duc:

“The extent to which buildings are beautiful is
the extent to which the special problem each confronted was solved in an optimal way."

an 'efficient structure' does not necessarily make for efficient architecture 

another example of extreme complexity

and another one, McGill's own:

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