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Philosophy of Structure ARCH 526 -- the online compendium

For some good links to Form Finding look here 

A simple way to remember the concept of Fractal Dimension:


For instance a cube:
Koch fractal:
ln 4= D ln3

D=ln4/ln3= 1.23
Federation Square in Melbourne designed by Lab Architecture Studio:  (Explorer only)
also read:
The lecture about Chaos and Fractals by Michael Thompson:
Exam preparation:
Be familiar with the contents of James Gleick book on Chaos

Be familiar with terms such as Fractals, fractal geometry and fractal dimension.Be able to describe the term strange attractor and two examples thereof.
Know the difference between statical and dynamical systems.
Know how to explain the concept of feedback with some examples.
Study the interactive diagram we have used. Here is the latest version
Here is last year's midterm
Know how to describe the work of these five names
Look at the variety of physical structures on this website as we did in class.


"Architecture is the art of creating physical structures to suit social, emotional, religious political structures"

"Structures, structures, structures everywhere....."
                                                                                                             Matthew Lella, former student in the course
"I think the next century will be the century of complexity"
                                                                                                                                                                                          Stephen Hawking

How big is this grain..? (see at bottom of Course Outline)



An investigation into the nature of various forms of structure that will hopefully lead to a better understanding
of Order, Disorder, Chaos, Stability, Nature, Human Constructs, Animal Constructs, History and the Future.