Design and Construction II
Arch 306 Winter 2006
Professor Pieter Sijpkes,
Notice Monday April 10

As we agreed on Friday, the final review will now be held on Wednesday April 12 @ 14.00 Hrs in room 101 or 102

Invited Critic will be Sylvie Boulanger PhD who is the representative of the Structural Steel Education Foundation's Quebec wing and who is an experienced civil engineer.
Andrey Dimitrov will also attend.

Notice for Monday /March 27/----> for April 3 the same set-up!
The Verdun-Nun's Island Pedestrian Link Project

I will meet with each of the teams on Monday morning. Sign up for a half hour slot (or longer if needed), starting at 9:30


I will be in the studio on Monday afternoon and Tuesday as well for anyone who needs advice. If I 'm not in the studio find me in my office, Rm 306.

The final review of the Pedestrian Link Project will be on Monday afternoon April 8 starting at 14.00 Hrs.

Special Anouncement
Torrow, Tuesday March 21, we will make a field trip to the  ADF steel fabricating plant in Terrebonne for a one and a half  hour guided tour through the plant, the supply yard and the (computer) design facilities. (I have visited this plant with another U2 class,  a few years ago.. it was very interesting!)
We are expected to be there at 13.00 Hrs, so we will leave McGill at 12.00 noon. Does anyone have access to a car?  I can rent a van for six or seven persons but if the two engineering students want to come along we will need more space. We will discuss this afternoon.

Notice for Monday March 20
The Verdun-Nun's Island Pedestrian Link Project

We will meet to discuss the Bridge Project at 14.00 Hours.
Andrey Dimitrov will be present.
You should be able to present your concept with precedents and with (conceptual) model.
The next phase of the competiton is to work out the details.
The final phase will be the overall presentation.

Notice for Monday March 13

The Verdun-Nun's Island Pedestrian Link Project

We will meet on Monday  at 14.00 Hours in the studio. We will discuss structural precedents for our site.
Andrey Dimitrov will participate.

To prepare:
For a very good overview of bridge types look here:

Links to the  examples I showed last Tuesday afternoon:

 bridges-types/suspension-bridges.htmbridges-types/truss-brdiges.htm, bridges-types/tubular-bridges.htm, bridges-types/vierendeel.htm

NOTICE, SUNDAY February  26:

Jessica suggested
(and I agreed) to change the plan  for Monday Feb 27 and Tuesday Feb.28 as follows:

*There will be desk reviews on Monday, starting at 10 AM, for whoever signs up on the sign-up sheet that will be posted in the studio.

*We will have a two hour overview of everyone's projects
in Rm 212,   starting Tuesday 13.30 finishing 15.30  (This as a prelude of the final crit on Monday March 6)


Next Sunday February 19 a race through the montreal Indoor City! Look at this site:
A map of the event:

Definition: (from
Main Entry: Pavilion
Pronunciation: p&-'vil-y&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English pavilon, from Old French paveillon, from Latin papilion-, papilio butterfly; perhaps akin to Old High German fIfaltra butterfly
1 a : a large often sumptuous tent b : something resembling a canopy or tent <tree ferns spread their delicate pavilions -- Blanche E. Baughan>
2 a : a part of a building projecting from the rest b : one of several detached or semidetached units into which a building is sometimes divided
3 a : a light sometimes ornamental structure in a garden, park, or place of recreation that is used for entertainment or shelter b : a temporary structure erected at an exposition by an individual exhibitor
4 : the lower faceted part of a brilliant below the girdle -- see BRILLIANT illustration

For a very interesting detailed overview of all the pavilions at
Expo 67 in Montreal
look here:


(If you need advice at any time during the next two weeks send me an email and we 'll set up a meeting:

Monday Feb-20 until friday Feb 24  Study Break

Monday Feb 27 13.00 Hrs pre-final review of  the Multimedia pavillion

Monday March 6 13.00 Hrs Final review of the Multimedia Pavillion project


Site plan,
floor plans
Sections (particularly important for the underground part)
perspectives or isometrics
Tuesday March 7 Introduction of the Steel Structures Education Foundation Bridge competition
Monday April  3
Review of bridge projects

Thursday May 2 Final date for submission of bridge projects

Here are some images of pavilllion architecture:
link to the pavillion files: pavillions-history, pavillions-glass_steel,  pavillions-concrete, pavillions steel-polymer , pavillions-tensile, pavillions-wood

For our meeting on  Monday afternoon, February 13 @14.00 hours:
Present a preliminary proposal for your above ground pavillion.
(include sketches, plans, a conceptual model in hard copy or digital form...)

Monday February 6:
In response to a question of Kurtis, I answered him as follows this morning:

Tomorrow, February 7 I expect that everyone will be able to show the final arrangement of the 'underground' part of their project.
After tomorrow we will start work on the above ground part, with a preliminary review scheduled for next week, Tuesday 14.
The final presentation of the whole project will be on the Monday 27, ( after the study break), so that everyone will have an opportunity to integrate the above and below ground parts of their project in the final presentation.
I hope this carifies things.
I will be in the studio after two 'o clock this afternoon, in case you have any other questions.


TODAY, Thursday  February 2:
meet at 12.30 in the studio for our visit to the multimedia show "Made in Montreal"
at the Just for Laughs venue on St. Laurent.

*On Monday, February 6 we are invited to a tour by Mr. Picard of the SAT facility on Boulevard St. Laurent at 4.30 PM. We will leave from the studio around 4.00 PM

I will be in the Studio for consultation in the afternoon.

*For Next Tuesday February 7, @1.30 PM prepare the following for the "taproot" part of the multi media project:
Plans, sections and interior views as well as a physical scale model that can be fitted into the site model.
And outline of 'above ground' part of the project will be given at that time.

*Tuesday February 14: Preliminary presentation of above ground part of the project.

*Monday  Feb 20-Friday Feb 24  Studybreak

*Monday March 6 final review on the multimedia project

*Tuesday March 7 Start SSEF Bridge competition
*April 3 final Review Bridge Project

Last Minute Notice Board:

Tomorrow, January 31 we will meet in room 212 at 13.30 sharp to attaned a short presentation by
 Mr. Jacques Besner urban planner, City of Montreal,International Affairs Bureau.

Mr. Besner has worked on design aspects of the 'Indoor City' of Montreal for many years, and he was greatly involved in the design of the last section of the Indoor City, the "Cite Internationale".

After Mr. Besner's presentation we will review the progres on our Charlevoix project; if there is time Mr. Besner will comment on the projects.


The studio project in the Winter 2006 studio will focus on the Montreal Metro, its history, its development and its future.
Several sub- projects will be scheduled in a sequence, starting with project one this week.                students    
 Opened almost 40 years ago, (September 4 1966), the Metro has had an enormous influence on the development of Montreal.

Here is a link to a presentation on Indoor Cities, with special reference to Montreal

The most spectacular aspect of the introduction of the Mtero has been the growth of the  Indoor City- all this construction was built after 1966!