Design and Construction II
Arch 306 Winter 2007
Professor Pieter Sijpkes,

Saturday morning February 3, 2007

A note to the Tower group
with requirements for next Monday's presentation (14.00 Hrs)
and links to Smart Geometry sites

ARCHICAD Tutorial by Prof. R. Mellin for ALL
 next Wednesday January 24 , 15.30-17:30, first floor lab
RIGHT AFTER THAT an interesting lecture by an eminent engineer of a very reputable New York engineering office; very relevant info for tower designers:

On behalf of the Montreal Structural Engineers, the following lecture is announced:
Tensile Membranes in Long Span Stadium Canopy Structures
David Campbell, CEO
Geiger Engineers, NYC
Wednesday 24 January 2007, 6:00 p.m.
Room G-10, School of Architecture
Macdonald-Harrington Building

Interesting tower designs by the Russian engineer Shukhof
A file of Shukhof pictures:
The box above will be used for last-minute announcements during this term. Check it out regularly to keep up to date!

This term we will work on two projects:
For the first half of the term we will do the Steel Structures Education Foundation's Competiton for the design of a steel tower:
Here is the competition website:

Eiffel tower original design                              Shuchof Tower by night                                            Shuchof Tower by day

click to enlarge

The second half of the term  will  focus on the design of a pavilion.