Design and Construction II
Winter 2005
Professor Pieter Sijpkes

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Post Study Break Crit:
To give everybody a bit more time to complete work, the crit on the Parachute Pavillion Competition will be on Tuesday March 1 at 13.00 Hrs.
Invited critic is the architect Jean Beaudoin who has a long history of being successful in competitions. (Look at his website: )
I will be in the studio on Monday and Tuesday morning to give advice to anyone who needs help.

Last call, Friday Morning February 18.
As I discussed with some of you yesterday, the 'hand-in' today means that you are to put your work (drawings, models) on your desk and leave it there over the week-end. I will, over the week-end, go around and evaluate the state of your projects.
As you know, tonight you're all invited to 'the Bank' for a party starting 9 pm. That hour is now the  cut-off time for working on the project.

During the break you may work on your project. We will meet on Monday morning Februarey 28 at 9:30 to either have a review of the Parachute Pavillion Competition work, or to start the Pedestrian Bridge project. (It depends on the availability of  the visiting critic).
But we'll meet on Monday Febraury 28, regardless.

There was a bit of a discussion between several members of our group, Vedante and myself  Friday afternoon, February 11, about the hand-in deadline next Friday, outlined below. It was decided to keep the deadline, to make sure that everyone in the group makes a big push before the midterm break, so that we can start on the bridge project after the break..
I suggest that on Friday everyone hand in at least a 'mock-up' of the panel required, as outlined in the Parachute competition documents.
(A mock-up means that not everything on the panel has to be 'final', but that the lay-out, and the overal design (plans, sections and a model (a photograph of a real model incorpoarated in the site model or a virtual one) of the pavillion can be evaluated.)
On the basis of that panel Vedante and I can give everyone a fair midterm evealuation, as required by University regulations.
For those who worry about their progress so far: The midterm evaluation will be replaced by a later evaluation of the final competiton panel. (That is, the panels people who formally participate in the competition send off, and revised panels of people who do not participate).

So, during the second half of the term you will have a chance to upgrade the submission you make on Friday, and the evaluation of that submission will over- ride the midterm evaluation. I hope this helps.
News from New York: (Coney Island comes to Central Park?)

"A century and a half ago, Olmsted talked about the park as a place of dignity for the masses, a great locus of democratic ideals, influencing "the minds of men through their imaginations." It's useful to recall that Christo conceived of "The Gates" 26 years ago, when Central Park was in abominable shape. The project had something of a reclamation mission about it, in keeping with Christo's uplifting agenda. He was born in Bulgaria in 1935 and escaped the Soviet bloc for Paris in 1958. His philosophy has always been rooted in the utopianism of Socialist Realism, with its belief in art for Everyman".
                                                                                                                                                                             New York Times Sunday February 13 2005

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Schedule between now (Friday February 4) and the Mid Term Break (Friday February 18)

Each member of our group is now working under one of three conditions:

Group 1 Members participate in the Parachute Tower  Pavillion competition, but not in the Pedestrian Bridge competion.
Group 2 Members participate in the Pedestrian Bridge competition, but not in the Parachute Tower Pavillion competition.
Group 3 Members participate in both competitions.

It is proposed that all try to finish the work on the Parachute Tower Pavillion Competition before the Midterm Break.

On Friday February 18 at 17.00 hrs there will be a hand-in of the work for students from all three groups. This work will be reviewed on Monday, February 27, the first day after the Midterm break, and will be marked as part of the midterm evaluation. For presentation requirements consult the competition guidelines. To help you to get as much done as possible I will be in the studio conducting desk crits Monday February 7 and Tuesday February 8. Please post a sign-up sheet at the door. 

On Tuesday February 29 all three groups will start work on the Pedestrian Bridge Pavillion, but the students who
are entering their Parachute Tower Pavillion projects in the competiton can simultanuously continue to work on finalizing their Competition Panels.

All students will work on the Pedestrian Bridge Project till the end of term, when there will be a formal review of the projects.

The Ice Structure is on hold for now: The weather is wonderfully uncooperative by being exceptioanlly warm and sunny, making it impossible to construct neither in snow nor in ice. But stay tuned: the weather will change!, and we might still be able to construct our structure a bit later.


 Assignment for this week: Meeting at Morning morning February 3 at 10.00
You are asked  to present:
A new (rough) model with some plans and sketches of your building outlining the entrance area, restaurant area, exhibition area, service area (washrooms, telephones etc) and any outdoor extensions such as a terrace, or balcony etc.
Try to do some quick  section drawings, showing the quality of the inside space.
In your presentation you should be able to explain briefly:

 a) What kind of structure do you use for your pavillion? (see the 'structural pavillion' types illustrated below in the pavillion files) 

b) What is your relationship with the tower? (is your building linked to it overhead or undergound; is the form of your building related to the tower?

c) Is admission to your pavillion free or do you charge a fee. In the latter case, where on your plan would the fee be collected, and how is the public prevented from getting in without paying ? (for instance by going through the restaurant)

d) What kind of activity do you plan to accommodate in your exhibition area?

Assignment for the week starting today, Tuesday January 11 : Construction of a site model
This link: has some interesting connections to other sites, for instance this one:  Frank Gehry's  Experience Music Project

a slide file of the Experience Music Project
link to the pavillion files: pavillions-history, pavillions-glass_steel,  pavillions-concrete, pavillions steel-polymer , pavillions-tensile, pavillions-wood

Conceptual Model of the 2005 "Extreme Research" Snow-Ice-Structure
Material: 2000+ Plastic Milk Crates:
One Sugar Cube =
Number of milk crates required: about 4000

The latest design inorporates 'fractal design':

A term of 2 competitions, a "Charrette" and an Ice Structure

This term we have an opportunity to participate in two competitions:
1: The Steel Structures Educational Foundation:
January 31, 2005 - Deadline for registration

and the
2:Parachute Tower Pavillion Competion: Friday, February 25, 2005 Registration ends
link to Parachute Tower Picture file

In addition, there will be a one week Charrette with students in Landscape Architecture of the Universite de Montreal,( the week before the study break),
 and, there is a movement afoot to build an Ice Structure  of some sort on campus when the time is right. .(Wintercarnival)
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