Norbert Schoenauer

B.Arch.(Bud.), M.Arch.(McG.), R.C.A., F.R.A.I.C., O.A.Q.,C.P.U.Q.

HOUSING THEORY (301-529B) course notes
HISTORY OF HOUSING (301-528A) course notes

Macdonald-Harrington Building, Room 308
Tel: (514) 398-6709

Recent Publications:

Cities, Suburbs, Dwellings 1994

History of Housing 1992

Arts+Crafts and Art Nouveau Dwellings 1996

Previous Publications:

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Schoenauer Designs:

Schoenauer's Lac L'Achigan Summer Cottage

Schoenauer's Garden

Schoenauer's penthouse terrace

Lower Westmount Citizen's Design:

Staynor Park

Desnoyers and Schoenauer Partnership Designs:



Desnoyers, Mercure, Leziy, Gagnon, and Schoenauer Design:

Prince Arthur