Tilting: Rugged Landscape, Strong People, Fragile Architecture
  This exhibition represents nearly twenty years of my involvement with Tilting in research on the community’s vernacular architecture and cultural landscape, volunteer work for restoration projects, and as a part-time resident. Placed throughout the exhibition as space dividers are large, mobile wall panels that have been painted the same colours as the highlight pages in my book on Tilting, with text from selected interviews prominently displayed on these wall panels. On display are the original twelve large pencil drawings on Arches watercolour paper (“analytiques”) I made in 1988, and sixty recent postcard-size watercolours that interpret aspects of the material culture, architecture, and landscape.
  There are two large maps redrawn for this exhibition, one on house launching and the other indicating the ownership of approximately three hundred gardens and hay meadows (lines were drawn from gardens to houses to demonstrate ownership patterns). The house launching map would have been almost illegible if I had also included lines tracing the launching of outbuildings, as these were frequently moved as well. On one large wall panel, I show reduced copies of my fieldwork drawings that I produced in the process of measuring every house in Tilting in 1987/88, old and new. We decided to display locally-made furniture, tools, hooked mats, a row punt, and other artifacts from just one household in Tilting, the Kinsella premises. This was an attempt to build context around these items by displaying photographs of the Kinsella premises as well as old family photographs.
  There are sixteen colour panels of photographs with text, a collection of stencils from Fogo Island used to mark barrels of salt fish before shipping, and two audio-visual areas. One of these areas presents my interviews with Dan Greene, Jim Greene, Ted Burke, and Rose Burke, and the other is a sixty-minute slide presentation/lecture I developed for this exhibition. This lecture explains the purpose of many of the watercolour sketches. We also present three films made by the MUN Extension Service in the late 1960’s on Fogo Island. These films feature many of the Tilting residents I got to know twenty years later. Finally, one large wall panel presents information on the programs of the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, and there is a dedicated computer station to access the HFNL’s web pages and online registry of heritage structures.
  For sale in the gift shop of The Rooms is a poster of watercolours from the exhibition, as well as a sample package of six postcards. I would like to thank Penny Houlden, Marnie Mahle, Mark Ferguson, Colleen Shea, Tim Cohen, Deanne Hayward, Wade Greeley, Monique Maynard, Joe Kinsella, Edna Kinsella, Val Kinsella, Wanda McGrath, the Tilting Expatriates Association, George Chalker, Dale Jarvis, Tilting mayor Gerard Foley, the Tilting Town Council, the Tilting Recreation and Cultural Society (TRACS), especially Jim McGrath and Roy Dwyer, and all those who contributed to this exhibition not listed here. Special thanks to Marnie Mahle who should be credited for much of the graphic design work and for the Kinsella artifacts display.