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End-of-term project precedent: Anne Meredith Barry's Gros Morne Time Lines
End-of-term project example: Berson & Fils Monuments by Dorothy Stern
Related links (organizations):
Vernacular Architecture Forum
Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (SSAC)
Center for American Places
Center for American Places: University of Virginia Press
American Society for Environmental History
Association for Preservation Technology International
Schedule and weekly assignments: (check here for updates)
January 11: Introduction to cultural landscape studies
Rural cultural landscape and housing case study:
Tilting Part One
Assignment #1 (due January 18)
Groth: Frameworks for Cultural Landscape Study in Understanding Ordinary Landscapes
Mellin: look through my book on Tilting: House Launching... to be placed on reserve for ARCH566
Mellin: Conservation in Tilting in APT Bulletin Vol XXXVI #2-3, 2006
Mellin: The Edible Landscape of a Newfoundland Outport in Open House International
Sample project guide (skim contents for possible future reference): Tobias Mapping
January 25: Rural cultural landscape and housing case study:
Tilting Part Two; Joe Batt's Arm, Little Fogo Islands
Assignment #2 (due January 25)
M. Creates: Places of Presence
Beginning and end of Gordon Cullen's book Townscape
Holl: House Types in Pamphlet Architecture #9, Princeton Architectural Press
Schoenauer: Cities, Suburbs, Dwellings (read the first two chapters)
Glassie: beginning chapters from the book Vernacular Architecture
February 1: Recent writing on "place"
(Guest: Professor Avi Friedman)
Assignment #3 (due February 1)
Reading list doc file
Reading list docx file
Reading list pdf file
Reading (book by Prof. Friedman)
Reading on Florida
February 8: Pattern language, syndesis, and Rogelio Salmona
(Guest: Prof. Ricardo Castro)
Assignment #4 (due February 8)
Alexander: A PatternLanguage
Reading on Magritte
February 15: An Urban Cultural Landscape: Housing and Urban Form in St. John's, Newfoundland
Assignment #5 (due February 15)
Reading on Cultural Landscapes
(Note: annotated bibliography due February 15 also)
February 29: Ahmedabad, India (plus the film Born Into Brothels)
Assignment #6 (due February 29)
Reading on Cultural Landscapes
March 7: Looking around in the Tropics (Granada, Nicaragua / Havana, Cuba - Part One)
Assignment #7 (due March 7)
Reading #1 on Material Culture
Reading #2 on Material Culture
March 14: Cultural Landscapes (Guest: Prof. Nik Luka)
Assignment #8 (due March 14)
Reading on Postmodernism
March 21: Guest, Prof. Annmarie Adams: Inside the Home (Weston Havens house and more...)
Assignment #9 (due March 21)
A. Adams and P. Sijpkes: Wartime Housing and Architectural Change
A. Adams: The Eichler Home
March 28: overview of Newfoundland Modern and Havana (Part Two)
(Guest for the 1'st half of the seminar: Prof. Scott Shall, Temple University)
Assignment #10 (due March 28)
Reading on Fieldwork
April 4: Student Presentations
April 11: Student Presentations