“The truth is that in philosophy and even elsewhere it is a question of finding the problem and consequently of positing it, even more than of solving it. For a speculative problem is solved as soon as it is properly stated.”

Henry Bergson, La Pensee et le Mouvant, 1941


Michael Carroll, Robert Claiborne, Odile Henault, Robert Mellin
Thesis Coordinators:
Professors Howard Davies, Robert Mellin
T.A. (web page tutorials & administration):
Diana Cheng
Technical Assistance:
Carrie Henzie
M. Carroll’s Group   Project Title   Thesis Advisor
Abrahams Lauren   living bridges   Ricardo Castro
Allard Lisa   garbage design   Pieter Sijpkes
Balbahadur Vedanta   EVENTual architecture   Alberto Perez-Gomez
Buchinger Lena   Activate and Propagate    
Chea William   untitled   Radoslav Zuk
Croft Leean   Pose:Repose   Richard Klopp
Guy Ori   Shadows and Light   Ricardo Castro
Mills Kristy   transforming topographies | cultivating culture   Richard Klopp
Truong Kim An   Impressions   Louise Pelletier
R. Claiborne’s Group   Project Title   Thesis Advisor
Aftab Nazia   Forming "Beauty"   Martin Bressani
Boulanger Alexandre   Water Matter   Pieter Sijpkes
De Bellefeuille Véronique   urban body - senses   Ricardo Castro
Ejdelman Audrey   untitled    
Hains Tamara   METAMORPHOSIS: Conjuring a Sense of Magic   David Theodore
Hanley Colin   Flight Connections    
Larouche Mathieu   Multidisciplinary Graduate School of Design   Robert Claiborne
Poisson Julie   The Space of Synesthesia   Martin Bressani
Sealy Peter   Surface and the Space of Appearance   Martin Bressani
Wei Rebecca   exploring imperfection   Jacques Rousseau
Yam Joyce   The Lost and Found   Adrian Sheppard
O. Henault’s Group   Project Title   Thesis Advisor
Bédard-Barrette David   Golf Architecture    
Bouchard Sophie   Sunshine for Children   Annmarie Adams
Cadoret Mathieu   transit living   Pieter Sijpkes
Gauthier Roxanne   Memoria : individual + communal remembrance   Jacques Rousseau
Hui Yi Ting   Shaping for the need: building for the mind   Radoslav Zuk
Koo Louise   untitled    
Suen Po   Architectural 'Taste': Responding to the Tactile Sense   Jacques Rousseau
Wall Robert   Pocket City XS:XL   David Theodore
R. Mellin’s Group   Project Title   Thesis Advisor
Bouchard-Bouliane Anne-Marie   [theatre] / vitual SPACE of mind   Adrian Sheppard
Campbell Lesley   Untitled   Julia Bourke
Chan Nicholas   user [x] change   Adrian Sheppard
Chouinard Jasmine   Once upon a life and death   Louise Pelletier
Govedarica Natasa   CIVIC CENTER - political landscape   Ricardo Castro
Plourde Jean-François   Palliative Care Home   Pieter Sijpkes
Simmons Frederic   data.bank   Annmarie Adams
Stethem Mieke   Untitled   Radoslav Zuk
Subhani Saima   the mosque - revisited   Alberto Perez-Gomez
Truong Minh-Giao   d i s c o n n e c t e d links   Robert Claiborne
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