Eliza Rudkowska

Urban Dance Centre


Thesis advisor: David Theodore

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"Dance and architecture have much in common. Both are concerned with practices of space. For a dancer, the act of choreography as a writing of place occurs through the unfolding of spatial dimensions through gesture and embodied body movement. For the architect, space is the medium through which form emerges and habitation is constructed. For both, the first experienced space is the space of the body".       -Carol Brown, choreographer.




Space stimulates the body to move and dance; in turn, the awareness of our ability to dance informs and enriches the way design, understand and experience buildings. I will look at the tensions between dance,  architectural form and the urban street by using the philosophies of Destins Croisés, a contemporary dance company that works to escape the stereotypes associated with urban dance, to rehabilitate a 1927 bank into an urban dance/contemporary space.