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 FORMATION spaces         CREATION spaces             DIFFUSION spaces         

 dance studios 3x150 m2= 450 m2

  rehearsal studio            200 m2   performance space          500 m2

 warm-up space                   100 m2

  changing room                25 m2   warm-up space                   100 m2

 changing rooms                   50 m2

  lounge                                      50 m2   dressing rooms                 50 m2

 washrooms                            25 m2

  washrooms                             25 m2   décor/storage                    50 m2

 administration                       25 m2

  entrance lobby                    100 m2

  washrooms                       50 m2

    outdoor space                  50 m2

  administration                 200 m2

  TOTAL : 2 050 m2


   An urban space for an urban dance where the relationship between the movement of the body and the built space is emphasized. Through the use of light, volumes and voids, as well as form and choreography, the dancers transform the space.  Three characters are given to the building: formation, creation and diffusion spaces. Formation spaces expose the city and the movement within. The creation spaces allows for flexibility, experimentation and discovery. The diffusion spaces display  an encounter between contemporary and urban dance.  Throughout the building, different textures and materials combine to reveal the tactical and sensorial experience of dance. Rough concrete mixed with smooth glossy floors. Wood merged with steel. Transparent and translucent separations unveil movement creating an internal dynamic between the spaces. Curves and slopes invite motion. Colour moves and leads you. It leads you to dance.


The FORMATION spaces consist of the school component in the project; spaces where the techniques of the dance are taught.  

The dance studios are large naturally lit spaces. They are semi-public where the dancers privacy is maintained yet visitors can still have glimpses into the interior. 

The warm-up space is a dynamic space where the dancers are invited to stretch and warm up before they enter the dance studios. This space would be common to all studios.

The changing rooms provide lockers and washrooms for students.


The CREATION spaces consist of the rehearsal studio created for the dance company.

The rehearsal studio has a high degree of privacy. The space is not accessed nor viewed by the public, although it is open to natural sunlight.

A private entrance is used by the company as well as by the performers.

The dance company is given separate changing rooms and lockers.


The DIFFUSION spaces consist of the performance theatre.

The entrance lobby provides a public entry for both the formation and diffusion spaces. It is a large dynamic space which encourages social interaction. 

The performance space is a black box space that accommodates about 150-200 spectators. The seating should be removable. 

The warm up space is used by the performers before a performance.

An outdoor space is provided.