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Laban Centre for Movement and Dance


Deptford, England

Architect: Herzog & de Meuron









  The exterior facades consist of transparent or translucent glass panels, depending on whether the space behind them requires a view. Multicolored polycarbonate panels are mounted in front of the glass panels and serve as a protective shield against the sun, heat and radiation. The exterior skin hovers just above the ground plane, accentuating the forms visual lightness.

Folded floors and transverse views instigate an internal dynamic. It invites motion with its ramping floors, spiraling stairs and dynamic curves.

Artist Michael Craig-Martin worked with architects Herzog and de Meuron on this project. He focused on questions such as: "How can color work? How can it make you do something?" "Responding to the three wedge shaped corridors cutting through the building, he allotted a single color – lime, turquoise or magenta, for the walls of each passageway and then used the remaining two colors for subsidiary elements such as fire doors and student lockers. (..) The intense color provide a means of heightening the interior’s streetwise vitality, prompting even the sedentary to move" (RIBA Journal,  February 2002).




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