Eliza Rudkowska



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Interpretative model of "experience"

Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal





A series of large wooden doors mark the entrance to a sequence of perspectives. My eyes have not yet relaxed from the sun’s glare, yet I perceive blue and gold lights amidst the darkness of the space as I enter. I make my way to the back of the room and my eyes are inevitably pulled to the center where the striking blue-lit elevation overwhelms my thoughts. I want to get closer. The colors guide me. I begin my procession toward the intriguing façade. I notice that the columns flow into the ceiling. They spread their stems and create intersecting volumes that produce plays of light and depth. As I stand there, I feel bounded by these columns and protected by the ceiling.

As I walk through the space, I become aware of a series of brightly colored lights along the periphery. My eyes glide repeatedly from one side of the wall to the other. The bright colors contrast the darkness of the walls. The dimness neither bores nor displeases me: patterns, details, shadows and reflections create a continuum without an apparent end.

The richness of the light filtering through the space, combined with various perspectives offering great strength and volume, attract my eyes and please my senses.