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Ottawa Cultural Arts Centre and Public Space

Fall 2003


This project consisted in an urban design proposal for the redevelopment of Confederation Park in Ottawa. In designing a festival space, the initial design approach was to incorporate the surrounding urban conditions into the site. With the desire to express the peripheral edges in the space, large steps were first created on the Northern portion of the site as a social extension of the National Arts Centre terraces. Links to the city and to the civic portion of the site where created by extrapolating the regular city grid into the site and extending the existing paths. The Rideau Canal was brought into the site in a literal fashion. This extraction of water brought an important edge condition to the site. Sloped walls and surfaces created architectural landscape elements which culminated into the Centre. Ultimately, the design of the Cultural Arts Centre and festival space was meant to be one of rhythm, fluidity and movement; a stage for social interaction, entertainment, and artistic and cultural appreciation. \\