Melanie Morris
Critical Dimensions - An Exploration of Compact Spaces
Thesis Advisor: Michael Carroll
Precedents Part One
Precedents Part Two
Program Part One
Program Part Two
Conceptual Design Part One
Site Model
Site Documentation
Conceptual Design Part Two
Exhibition panels

The idea of compacting space in North America may seem incongruous considering we are the breeding ground of the American Dream. Space for the most part is not lacking here, not even in our metropolises; compared to cities such as Tokyo, we live in the Prairies. But just as there is a growing environmental awareness for the tangible, there may eventually also be a concern for the intangible given that the population will continue to multiply. For the time being, compact spaces in our culture are almost exclusively those that we experience ephemerally. Part of the reason may be due to our ideologies of the limits and boundaries of inhabitable space. Under which circumstances do compact spaces become socially desirable, financially viable and programmatically flexible? This project will explore the notion of compact space and apply it to the program of a hostel and various other small businesses.