Benjamin Monroe
Technological Advancement
Thesis Advisor: Pieter Sijpkes
Precedents Part One
Precedents Part Two
Program Part One
Program Part Two
Conceptual Design Part One
Site model/Intervention
Site Documentation
Conceptual Design Part Two
Exhibition panels

A technological research and development facility for information technology media will bring the city of Montreal into the twenty-first century and into the competitive global market of electronics and technology. It will give the city the opportunity to reinstate itself as a major player in the global economy. It will revitalize the city by replacing the smoke stacked industries with a new form of commerce that brings modernity and experimentation. This facility will be a place of experimentation and development of the latest technological advances in display mediums, and it will also be a modern office and research space, where the integration of technology into all aspects is just as important as the consideration of the human psyche and form. Built from the latest materials with advanced construction techniques the building will be a beacon of the future in a city trapped in the past. The building will respond to the human needs and uses to ease the interface between mankind and technology; whose form will embrace people and give them the comfort and convenience needed to express creative ideas and projects.

The venture capitol industy has dramatically grown in the last five years and is dependent upon investing in the latest advancements in technology, and they are relying upon their potential sucess in Quebec and in the global economy, because trade and information is no longer a local issue but a national and global one.