Santiogo Calatrava

Sondica Airport: Bilbao, Spain 1990-2000

BCE Place, Gallery & Heritage Square: Toronto, Canada 1987-1992

Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias: Valencia, Spain 1991-2000

Extension to the Milwaukee Art Museum: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Oriente Station: Lisbon, Portugal 1993-1998

Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport Railway Station, Lyon, France


Olympic Sports Complex: Athens, Greece : 2001-2004
Santiago Calatrava's space frame buildings and sculptures are inspirational examples of technology in construction. I find that all of his buildings, and renovations or additions are powerful in form and experience. They redefine the term Modern and leave one with a sense of nothing short of wonderment. He is renowned for his use of technologically advanced construction techniques in steel, cables and concrete. He creates buildings and spaces that have a sense of power and calm simultaneously and it is the tension between these that give one a sense of awe. Shown here are several examples of his work from 1989 to the present construction of a new roof for the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, Greece for the 2004 Summer Olympics. He is also known for his work as a sculptor who works predominately in steel and many of his buildings have sprung forth from his sculptures, either directly or indirectly. He merges technological engineering with artistic creativity and emerges with powerful and meaningful buildings.

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