Laboratory building in Utrecht

Architects: UN Studio, Amsterdam

The concrete façade of this building is also part of the walls, floor and ceiling, as the plane of concrete folds to make up all of the structural elements of the building. This modern use of concrete exudes both a sense of plasticity and rigidity. The labrotories here are arranged to receive and block natural light when necessary.
Production and Office Building in Baar

Architect: Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin

The post and rail façade including aluminum panels, copper elements and various types of glazing arranged in angular forms is inspirational in its materiality and construction, giving a modern luster to the office building. This is a good example of how the technical use of materials in construction, for thermal and ventilation control, for both architectural aesthetic and multiple technical purposes, can exude a sense of modernity and of the technologically forward thinking of the office that it contains.

Detail: Review of Architecture 43. Series 2003: 7/8 Façades, GmbH &Co. KG Munchen Pg. 786-790

Detail: Review of Architecture 43. Series 2003: 9 Industrial Building, GmbH &Co. KG Munchen Pg.944-945