Winter 2004
McGill University | School of Architecture


“The truth is that in philosophy and even elsewhere it is a question of finding the problem and consequently of positing it, even more than of solving it. For a speculative problem is solved as soon as it is properly stated.”

Henry Bergson, La Pensee et le Mouvant, 1941
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[Schedule and Requirements for April 6 and 7]

Thesis Coordinators:
Howard Davies, Robert Mellin
Course Instructors:
Michael Carroll, Anna Mainella, Robert Mellin
Teaching Assistants:
Diana Cheng (Web Admin.), Jennifer Carter (Resources & Research Methodology)
Technical Assistance & Web Tutorials:
Carrie Henzie
Group 1: R. Mellin/J. Carter
  Project Title
Alneirabeie, Rana
  Montreal Arab Cultural Centre
Cohen, Maor
  Transforming Visions
Fernandez, Miguel
  Hybrid living/working building
Gudzio, Larissa Dawn
  A New View of the Quebec School
Hasan, Lisa Natasha
  Gaining Ground
Johnson, Lee H.
  Vocational school
Khatib, Kinan
  Dubai Desert Retreat
Lee, Allison Soohyun
  Memorial Center for Tae-il Jun
Lissett, Anne
  Nuu-chah-nulth Coastal Resort
Monroe, Benjamin
  Modern office, work space, technology
Rudkowska, Eliza
  Dance + Architecture
Trahey, John A
  McGill University project
Group 2: R. Mellin/J. Carter
Audet, Mélisa
  Fashion and architecture, skins
Hammami, Fahed
  Urban Thermal Bath
Holden, Allison Jean
  Sustainability of the Whole: Healing Circle
Lau, Winda Wai-Tak
Leroux, Marianne
  Metro Station
Majaes, Andre
  Architecture, Light and Other Music
Merrett, Andrea
  Corporeal feminism
Mezey, Catherine
  The Ground Story
Nahas, Hala
  The Seventh Layer
Naqvi, Nina
  Underexposed: Center for Photography
Roth, Erik
  Squamish Nation elementary school
Yen, Li Chin
  School of animated film and film making
Charbonneau, Julie
  Water Works
Group 3: A. Mainella
Argento, Carmelina M.
  Youth + Creative Expression
Bharne, Urmi G.
  Performing arts school or retreat
Condoroussis, Catherine
  Six feet under (and above): Urban funerary park
Eldessouki, Shahinda
  Fantastic Architecture: Transforming the Natural
Fu, Cheryl
  Parkour: Gaming in the City
Harvey, Serge
  Centre Administratif du Port de Montréal, architecture et machine
Larocque, Isabelle
  The Last Threshold: from Welcome to Farewell
Martinez, Therese C
Mizutani, Philippe K.
  Building in Paris: L'Ile Sequin
Pukteris, Andrea K.
  History and memory
Smith, Heather Anne
  Reintegration of life cycles
Wong, Hannah
  Architecture, Appearance, and Identity
Group 4: M. Carroll
Alt, Yael Miriam T.
  Secular vs Spiritual in Judaism
Altman, Ilana Yael
  Gateway to Montreal, defensive structure
Begin, Genevieve
  Youth and outdoor sports
Edwards, Gareth
  Simulating Stimulus
Fong, Vanessa
Kan, Joseph
  Reconciling the transient and the nostalgic: tectonics
Morris, Melanie
  Critical Dimensions: An Exploration of Compact Spaces
Tousignant, Francis-Lippe
  University Residence
Truong, Ariane
  Architecture and topography
Tsai, Yi-Yin
  Art in Space
Wong, Cho Tai
  Industrial reuse
Vokac, Barbora C