Dominus Winery -

Yountville, California
Herzog et De Meuron Architects
Forms and materials of winery's east (below) and north-east (left) façades evoke humble stone farmhouses of owner's winery in France. Opening (left) reveals buildings internal structure that sits behind freestanding stone wall. The building is a gateway to th evineyard whose produce it processes.
In the execution of this simple box, the architect has worked its magic. The four outer walls consist of piles of rocks quarried from nearby American Canyon. The stones are held in place with gabions, steel-mesh screens usually used to prevent stones from falling onto cars following excavation of hillsides during highway construction. The size of the mesh and the stone it retains become larger further up the building's walls. Thus the monolith appears to stand solidly on the ground, while dissolving at its top.


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