Chapel of St. Ignatius
Steven Holl Architects
Seattle University, Washington, 1997

Chapel of St. Ignatius


Church of the Light

All Saints Margaret Street

Tokyo Church of Christ


Hollís Chapel of St. Ignatius is largely modern in its representations.  Except for the Catholic crucified Christ on the east nave wall, the language used is abstract and universal.  This is most clearly seen in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, a small chapel within the chapel to house the tabernacle.  The space is an artistic installation by Linda Beaumont and has at its core a twisted Madrona tree, symbolizing lifeís struggles.
A problem with the Chapel of St. Ignatius is the incongruity between the interior and exterior experiences of the building.  While the qualities of light achieved inside are breathtaking and inspiring, the outward appearance of the church seems to be only the byproduct of the light scoops and the idea of the seven bottles.  The chapel also looks very uninviting, especially compared to the courtyard just in front of it. 

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