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Layers: Carcassonne, 1980. Copyright: R. Castro

Course #301-524. Professor Ricardo L. Castro

This page chronicles some of aspects of this course. Seminar on Architectural Criticism will be offered again in the fall semester 1997.

1995 Theme:

The Marvelous-Real and other Essence Seeking Devices


Students' Essays/Projects

Arwa Al-Sahaf, The visit: preamble; the exhibition: a misreading

Isabelle Cyr, Big Apple

Daniel Spira, Grain Elevators

Geoffrey Gibson, Architects of the Image

Ilana S. Judah, The visit: a misreading

Daniel Spira, Architects of the Image

Marc Andre Plasse, tHE vOID + tHE mATTER & tHE iMAGE

James Rasor, ...Thoughts (on grain elevators)

Nathan Webster, Architects of the image: a critical essay

Links to: Literary and Critical Theory (Brown University)

John Dobbins, The Pompeii Forum Project from Research Reports from the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH)

Link to IQ Infinity: the Unknown James Joyce


  • The McGill School of Architecture
  • Architronic
  • Classics
  • Hotwired
  • Turkey: Greek and Roman Cities
  • The Maya Astronomy Homepage
  • Seeker1's CyberAnthropology

  • Serlio's Enclave

    Significant Texts and Buildings

    Rogelio Salmona: A Latin American Architect

    Last reviewed: 30 January 1997