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September 16:
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December 2:


11:00: hand in project 1
1-3:30: pin-ups, discussions rm 102  
3:30 rm 212: Sustainable Design Presentations by Lise Tremblay/Richard Klopp
10:00 project 2: Waterworks Master plan: introduction to program and first assignment rm 102
11:00am presentation of Mcgill university master plan by Chuck Adler, Director, McGill Planning Dept. rm 102 1:00-3:00: site visit, answers to questions in studio (with Julia Bourke)

team research
presentation of documentation, recommendations 9:30-3:30
3:30 rm. 212 presentation on sustainable infrastructure by Professor Mirza, Dept. of Civil Engineering, McGill 

10-5: desk crits-individual masterplans (teams of 2-3) -general orientation, massing studies, diagrams
 3:30-5:00: presentation on sustainable design by Blair McCarry, Keen Engineering
10-5: desk crits continued 

Evening lecture (Mardis Verts): La Caisse de Dépot, by Daoust Lestage 

10-5pm: Informal pin-up: massing strategies (study models, sketches)
 Informal pin-up: massing strategies " 

10-5: desk crits 

10-5, final review master plan rm.101 (guest critics to be announced)
10-5: final review master plan rm.102 

Evening lecture (Mardis Verts):Angeline Spino on recycling

School Charrette: Improbable Places 

Phase 2: Introduction w/group discussions, desk crits (review selected buildings and constraints) Site visit: R-40 House 4pm with Bourke/Jones

Phase 2: Introduction w/group discussions, desk crits(review selected buildings and constraints)
desk crits (study models, parti diagrams)

informal pin-ups rm 101am/ 3rd fl. hall pm 
informal pin-ups rm 101 

informal pin-up 

final building (and masterplan) review 10-5, rm 101

final project hand-in/discussion rm 101 (what goes around comes around)

. school of architecture . mcgill university .