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 Required reading by week:

Week 1:  TEN SHADES OF GREEN EXHIBITION, Architectural League of New York, Curator:
Peter Buchanan

Reading list :

(these books are on two day loan reserve for the fall term)

Architectura, 60 Targets: Post Occupancy Environmental Assessment for the Lui Centre for the Studu of Global Issues, UBC, May 2002.

Barnett, Dianna Lopez & Browning, William D., A Primer on Sustainable Building, Rocky Mountain Institute, 1995.

Birkeland, Janis, Design For Sustainability, 2002.

Buchanan, Peter, Ten Shades of Green, exhibition catalogue text.

Edwards, Brian, Green Buildings Pay,

Jones, David Lloyd, Architecture And The Environment.

Lyle, John T., Regenerative Design For Sustainable Development, 1994

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Satterthwaite, David, ed., Earthscan Reader In Sustainable Cities, 1999.

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US Green Building Council, LEED Reference Guide, version 2.0, June 2001.

Vale, Brenda & Robert, Green Architecture: Design For An Energy-Conscious Future, Little, Brown and Company, London, 1991.


(these books are on hold at the CCA Library desk until Friday, September 20, after which they are available by appointment – minimum one day’s notice – see CCA website)

Bradshaw, A.D., Goode, D.A., and Thorp, E.H.P., eds., Ecology and design in landscape: the 24th Symposium of the British Ecological Society, Manchester, 1983. (Landscaping)

Briegleb, Till, ed., trans Tobias Kommerell, Ingenhoven Overdiek und Partner: High-rise RWE AG Essen, 2000.

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Davies, Colin and Lambot, Ian, Commerzbank Frankfurt: Prototype Of An Ecological High-Rise, 1997. (Cladding, Services)

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Field, Marcus, Future systems, 1999.

Gumuchdjian, Philip, ed., Richard Rogers: Cities For A Small Planet, 1997

Jodidio, Philip, ed., James Wines: Green Architecture, 2000.

Klingenberger, Inger, trans John Murphy, Recollection And Garbage: Examples Of Ecological Architecture In Northern Eurpoe 1975-1995, 1995. (Residential – some discussion of permacultuire)

Kural, René, trans Kenja Henriksen, Playing Fields: alternative spaces for sports, culture and recreration, 1999. (Programming of public leisure space)

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Vale, Brenda & Robert, Towards a Green Architecture : Six Practical Case Studies, 1991.

Vale, Brenda & Robert, The new autonomous house : design and planning for sustainability, 2000.  (See particularly Ch 1 and 2: Definitions And Intro To The Problem, The Philosophical and Technical Background and Ch 4: Theoretical Analysis Of Technical Options)

Yeang, Ken, Designing With Nature: The Ecological Basis For Architectural Design, 1995.

Other texts
Brown, G.Z. & DeKay, Mark, Sun, Wind & Light - Architectural Design Strategies, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 2001.
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Greater Vancouver Regional District, Old to New - Design Guide:  Salvaged Building Materials in New Construction, prepared by:  Paul Kernan, Richard Kadulski, and Michel Labrie, GVRD, Vancouver, 2000.
Hawken, Paul, The Ecology of Commerce, HarperBusiness, New York, 1993.
Homer-Dixon, Thomas, The Ingenuity Gap, Alfred A. Knopt, Toronto, 2000.
Kroll, Lucien, The Architecture of Complexity, trans. Peter Blundell Jones, BT Batsford Ltd, London, 1986.
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Worthington, John, Reinventing the Workplace, Architectural Press, Oxford, 1997.
Zeiher, Laura C., The Ecology of Architecture, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, 1996.

Other references:
Stefan and Sophia Behling, Sol Power: The Evolution of Solar Architecture,
Prestel: , 1996, Munich and New York. (ISBN 3791316702)

Klaus Daniels, The Technology of Ecological Building: Basic Principles and Measures, Examples and Ideas, Birkhauser Verlag, Basel, 1997 (See Richard Klopp – personal copy for consultation upon request)

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Prestel: 1996, Munich and New York. (ISBN 3791316524)

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Architectural Record, October 1998, (Criticism - ...the Debis Tower, by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop...)
Architectural Record, April 1990, (Green Architecture)
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