INTRO TO ARCH'L HISTORY II 301-251B/253B (3 cr.)
Winter 1998

Prof. Annmarie Adams
TA: Rhona Kenneally

This course comprises a series of lectures, discussions, and readings on selected topics in western architecture and urbanism after 1400. The goal of the course is to introduce students to issues and approaches in the field of architectural history through the study of built environments since the Renaissance. It is not a comprehensive survey of world architecture.

Architectural History II, in fact, is the second of two courses; Architectural History I covers the period before the European Renaissance and is typically given in the fall semester. Architectural History I and II are required for students in the School of Architecture. The class has typically included 15-20 students from other departments as well; they should register for 301-253B (3 cr.), which is an accepted elective in the Faculty of Arts (and thus has a different name, Introduction to Architectural History II). The courses are identical. There are no prerequisites for this course (it is unnecessary to take AHI before AHII) and no prior knowledge of art or architectural history is presumed.

Lectures: Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:30-11:30 am, in Macdonald-Harrington, G-10

Discussions: tentatively planned for Fridays 12:30-1:30 or 1:30-2:30 pm, depending on enrollment. These sessions are an important part of the course and attendance is mandatory (10%).

Office: Macdonald-Harrington #309, 398-6706, , mailbox is in #201.

Requirements: Evaluation is based on a 10-page term paper (50%), due March 27 before class, and a final exam (40%) given during the official exam period. No late papers will be accepted.

Readings: The text for the course, Patrick Nuttgens' The Story of Architecture is available at the McGill University Bookstore. Other survey texts may be useful for reference and illustrations.

*REVISED SCHEDULE of Lectures, Discussions, and Readings:

Course materials require both a user id and a password. Questions concerning these should be addressed to .
Study aids for first five classes. Web images for these are not available. Students are responsible for all materials shown in all classes, discussions, field trips, readings, etc. relating to the course.

Jan. 7 Introduction to Architectural History

Jan. 21 Early Renaissance Architecture

Jan. 23 High Renaissance Architecture and Urbanism

Discussion: Renaissance Urbanism in Theory and Practice

Reading: Nuttgens ch. 13, 14

Jan. 28 Colonialism in North America

Jan. 30 Italian Baroque Urbanism and Architecture

Discussion: Sixtus V and Rome

Reading: Nuttgens ch. 15, 17

Web slides are available only for lectures below but you are responsible for all materials for the course including classes, discussion sessions,field trips, readings etc.

Feb. 4 Baroque Architecture in France

Feb. 6 Architecture and Urbanism in England

Discussion: European Urbanism, 1600-1790

No reading

Feb. 11 Palladianism

Feb. 13 Neoclassicism/Picturesque

Discussion: The Beautiful and the Sublime

Reading: Nuttgens ch. 16

Feb. 18 Architecture for Industry

Feb. 20 Gothic Revival (lecture by Rhona Kenneally)

Discussion: Term papers workshop

Reading: Nuttgens ch. 18


Mar. 4 Nineteenth-century Cities

Mar. 6 Nineteenth-century Building Types

No discussion session this week, but you are expected to visit the CCA exhibition, "Montréal Métropole: 1880-1930" (opens on Mar. 18; CCA is free all day Thursdays for students)

Reading TBA

Mar. 11 Skyscrapers

Mar. 13 Arts and Crafts Architects

Discussion: Nineteenth and Twentieth-century Cities

Reading: Nuttgens ch. 19

Mar. 18 Aspects of Le Corbusier's Work (guest lecture by Prof. Ricardo Castro)

Mar. 20 The International Style

Discussion: Sources in architectural history

Reading: Nuttgens ch. 20

Mar. 25 The Beaux-Arts and the City Beautiful

Mar. 27 The Suburban Revolution

Discussion: Architectural Training

No reading

Apr. 1 Interwar and Postwar Modernism

Apr. 3 Postmodernism (PAPERS DUE @ 10:30 am)

Discussion: Modernism

Reading: Nuttgens ch. 21 and Epilogue

Apr. 8 Architectural History Today

Discussion: TBA

No reading

Apr. 15 No class

Apr. 17 Review

No discussion

No reading

21-1-98 (*post ice storm revisions)


If you are unfamiliar with architectural terminology, you may find it helpful to consult specialized dictionaries such as The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture (edited by J.F.H. Honour and N. Pevsner) and The Penguin Dictionary of Building (edited by J.S. Scott) following each lecture.

Primary Sources

LB Alberti, Ten Books on Architecture.

C. Beecher, The American Woman's Home.

A.J. Downing, The Architecture of Country Houses.

A.J. Downing, Cottage Residences.

HR Hitchcock and P. Johnson, The International Style.

E. Howard, Garden Cities of To-Morrow.

R. Kerr, The Gentleman's House.

Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture.

J.C. Loudon, The Enyclopedia of Cottage, Farm and Villa Architecture.

H. Mayhew, London Labour and London Poor.

W. Morris, The Collected Works of William Morris.

H. Muthesius, The English House.

A. Palladio, The Four Books on Architecture.

A.W.N. Pugin, Contrasts.

A.W.N. Pugin, The True Principles of Pointed, or Christian Architecture.

J. Ruskin, The Seven Lamps of Architecture.

J. Ruskin, The Stones of Venice.

J.J. Stevenson, House Architecture.

G. Street, Brick and Marble in the Middle Ages: Notes of a Tour in the North of Italy.

L. Sullivan, The Autobiography of an Idea.

L. Sullivan, Kindergarten Chats.

C. Vaux, Villas & Cottages.

R. Venturi, Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture.

E. Wharton, The Decoration of Houses.

F.L. Wright, An Autobiography.

Secondary Sources

*remember that some of the most important research in architectural history appear in journals, rather than book-length studies. Particularly significant to this course are the Bulletin of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (Cda), the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (USA), Landscape (USA), Material History Review (Cda), Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture (USA), Urban History Review (Cda), and Winterthur Portfolio (USA).

J. Ackerman, The Architecture of Michelangelo (1961).

J. Ackerman, Palladio (1967).

J. Ackerman, Palladio's Villas (1967).

A. Adams, Architecture in the Family Way (1996).

W. Adams, The French Garden (1977).

GC Argan, The Europe of the Capitals (1965).

GC Argan, The Renaissance City (1969).

J. Attfield and P. Kirkham, eds., A View From the Interior.

EN Bacon, The Design of Cities (1974).

R. Banham, The Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment (1969).

R. Banham, Theory and Design in the First Machine Age (1980).

R. Banham, Megastructure: Urban Futures of the Recent Past (1976).

L. Benevolo, The Architecture of the Renaissance (1978).

L. Benevolo, The History of the City (1980).

L. Benevolo, The Origins of Modern Town Planning (1967).

D. Billington, The Tower and the Bridge (1983).

E. Blau, Ruskinian Gothic (1982).

A. Blunt, Art and Architecture in Franch 1500-1700 (1970).

A. Blunt, Baroque and Rococo (1980).

A. Blunt, Boromini (1979).

B. Bracegirdle, ed., The Archaeology of the Industrial Revolution (1973).

A. Braham, The Architecture of the French Enlightenment (1980).

W. Braunfels, Monasteries of Western Europe (1973).

A. Briggs, Victorian Cities (1985).

H. A. Brooks, The Prairie School.

J. Burnett, A Social History of Housing, 1815-1985 (1986).

R.L. Bushman, The Refinement of America: Persons, Houses, Cities (1992).

A. Chastel, The Golden Age of the Renaissance (1965).

F. Choay, The Modern City: Planning in the Nineteenth Century (1969).

C. Clark, The American Family Home, 1800-1960 (1986).

K. Clark, The Gothic Revival (1928).

N. Clerk, Neoclassical Architecture in Canada (1984).

P. Collins, Changing Ideals in Modern Architecture (1965).

P. Collins, Concrete (1959).

C. Condit, American Building Art (1960).

C. Condit, The Chicago School of Architecture (1964).

C. Condit, The Rise of the Skyscraper (1952).

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