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November 30, 2015

1 Course Evaluations Tuesday, Dec. 08
2 De-stress during exam period
3 The Niagara Society of Architects Scholarship
4 Durabilys Awards
5 Hannah Summer Studentship
Course Evaluations
Do not forget to write your course evaluations for this semester! Your feedback is valuable in making the classes better. Also please note that the Civil Engineering course evaluations finish on Dec. 08 as opposed to Dec. 24 for the other classes. Please go do them on mycourses.
De-stress during exam period
During the exam period (Dec. 09 - Dec. 22) There will be destressing activities all around campus.There will be Therapy Dogs from 12h30-13h30 in the Brown Building Lobby, Yoga from 12h30-13h30 in the Lev Bukhman room SSMU, and Mindfulness Meditation from 16h30-17h00 in the Brown Building 4200.No registration required.
The Niagara Society of Architects Scholarship
Students having finished high school in the Niagara Region (Canada) Would be eligible for this scholarship (1000$). Deadline for applications: February 26, 2016.

More information here.
Durabilys Award
The Conseil du batiment durable du Quebec (CBDQ) is offering numerous awards to student works demonstrating exceptional qualities in terms of LEED certification, innovation in products and materials, social responsibility, individual leadership and architectural creation.

More information here.
Hannah Summer Studentship
A three month summer studentship (5500$) is available to undergraduate students registered in a Canadian university for a closel sypervised project in the history of medicine. Deadline for applications: February 19, 2016

More information here.

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