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September 14, 2015

1 Toni Casamor Tonight! Monday Sept. 14 at 6:00 pm
2 ASA Class Representatives Tuesday Sept. 15
3 Brown Bag Lecture Series Tuesday Sept. 15 at 12:30pm
5 Vernissage Arthur Erickson: Site Lines Wednesday Sept. 16 at 6:00 pm
6 Interview for Esquisses
7 Alvaro Siza at the CCA Thursday Sept. 24 at 6:00 pm
Toni Casamor Tonight!
Please join us for the first lecture of the Fall 2015 series with Toni Casamor of BCQ Arquitectura Barcelona. Starting at 6pm tonight in G10.
ASA Class Representatives
Class representatives represent their class on the ASA and EUS councils. There are two seats for each studio year (U1, U2 and U3) and one seat for the U0 year. Class reps may also called upon to act as a liaison between a class and professor. As student leaders, they often undertake initiatives of their own within the studio community - organising social events, purchases of communal goods, etc.

If you are interested in becoming class representative please print and submit your nomination form to either Marcia King (second floor reception) or to our CRO Marine de Carboniere (U2 Studio first floor) no later than Tuesday September 15th 2015. Also please be aware that you will need to prepare a 200 word text describing yourself and why you would like to become class representative as well as a picture of yourself.

Download Nomination Form.
Brown Bag Lecture Series: "Third Millenium Farming"
Make sure to attend our Brown Bag lecture this Tuesday in MHAR 212 where Jakub Dzamba will present a vision of a future entomophagy (insect eating) city: how insect-farming can connect with architecture, urban design and city infrastructure through two approaches: theoretical and proof-of-concept.
Would you be interested in being published in Canadian Architect or Nouveau Projet? In this edition of the MAQ Young Critic in Architecture Competition, texts from aspiring critics will be centered on the library for the twenty-first century. The task would be to visit and write a critical analysis of one or more librairies built in the past 5 years. For more details please consult the informational document. [FR] [EN]

Deadline November 15th
Vernissage and Exposition Arthur Erickson: Site Lines
The exposition hosted at the Centre de Design de l’UQAM will present eight projects of the famous Canadian architect conceived between 1950 and 1960. Ricardo L. Castro will also be giving a lecture for this unique exposition

From September 17th to October 18th at the Centre de Design de l’UQAM.
Interview for Esquisse
To current architecture students of all years, would anyone be interested to give an interview for la revue Esquisses of the OAQ. Here are the questions you may be asked to answer.

- What brought you to architecture school?

- What were your motivations at first?

- What are your aspirations? What do you expect of your career? Do you see yourself working for a firm on having your own office?.

- How do you see architecture as a tool for urban renewal? for social transformation?

- Moreso, what do you think architecture can bring you on a personal level?

Students who are interested in being interviewed should contact the journalist directly, ideally sometime this week.

Rémi Leroux / cell. +1 (514) 554 9380 / dom. +1 (514) 419 4840
Alvaro Siza at the CCA
For this unique occasion Alvaro Siza will be present at the CCA for the exhibit CORNER, BLOCK, NEIGHBOURHOOD, CITIES. ÁLVARO SIZA IN BERLIN AND THE HAGUE

An unique opportunity!

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Joseph Siry : Air Conditionning in the US Capitol
McGill School of Architecture invites you for its first history lecture, by Joseph Siry, Kenan Professor of the Humanities at Wesleyan University

Thursday at 6:00 pm in G-10

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