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September 08, 2015

1 Welcome Meeting Wednesday, Sept. 09, 5:30 pm
2 Stop! Monument Thursday, Sept. 10, 5:30 pm
3 Afternoon of Impunity at the CCA Saturday, Sept. 12, 2:30 pm
4 Shenzhen Design Awards for Young Talent Wednesday, Sept. 30, 12:00 pm
5 Jeune Voix Engagees 2016
6 Grow Op 2016 Wednesday, Sept. 30
7 Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
Welcome Meeting
There will be a gathering of all students, professors and staff in G-10, to be addressed by the new Director of the School, Prof. Martin Bressani.
Stop! Monument Vernissage & Exposition
Stop! Monument, an exposition by 2012 Prix de Rome for Emerging Practitioners Laureate, Jason Tsironis, will be held from September 8th – 25th in the Exhibition Room. Join us for the vernissage Thursday September 10th at 5:00 pm.
Afternoon of Impunity at the CCA
This afternoon of impunity is an encounter between architects Inaki Abalos and Juan Herreros, and the guest curators of the three exhibitions in the series Out of the Box: Abalos & Herreros. An excellent chance to hear the architects talk about they work in conjunction of visiting the featured exposition!
Shenzhen Design Awards for Young Talent
Under the theme of Transformation: the mission of Design, the objective of the award is to acknowledge the talent of the future generation of designers that by their creativity contributed to the improvement of the environment, of social and economic development, and also to the quality of life in cities. Open to all full time students, for more information please visit their webpage.

Deadline for submission: September 30th noon
Jeune Voix Engagees 2016
How do we establish a just and solidary society in modern times? This is the question asked by the writing contest Jeune Voix Engagees. This is an opportunity to voice out your ideas about social justice, equality and helping those who need the most in our society. The contest is only in French.

For more information please consult their website [FR].
Grow Op 2016 – Call for submissions
Gladstone Hotel is hosting its fourth annual Grow Op exhibition with this year’s theme being the boundary shift between urban and wild, culture and nature. All submissions are welcome either they be experimental landscapes or disruptive art projects. Additional information here.

Deadline for submission: September 30th 11:00 pm
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
Get access to the steel construction industry’s most advances reference library here.

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