Who are the Executive Officers? What do they do?


The President in the head of the ASA Council. They act as a speaker during regular Council meetings and are in charge of the general management and supervision of ASA affairs. They are the official spokesperson of the ASA and, in conjunction with the VP External and VP Academic, represent the ASA to both external bodies and McGill administration. Duties of the President include acting as a C.R.O. during ASA elections, attending all ASA and EUS council meetings and overseeing all ASA affairs. In order to be elected ASA President, candidates must have at least one year of previous experience in the ASA.


VP External Affairs

The VP External Affairs is responsible for all interaction of the ASA with outside groups. Along with the President, they represent the ASA to outside bodies and are responsible for relations with student and professional organizations.
As the external representative of the ASA, the VP External sits on many councils, including the Canadian Architecture Students' Association (CASA).


VP Academic

The VP Academic is responsible for all educational and curricular concerns of the ASA. They represent the ASA on all academic and curricular-related committees within the School of Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering.


VP Communications

The VP Communications is responsible for the maintenance of the ASA website and the regular distribution of information on the ASA listserv (newsletter). They are also responsible for the coordination of electronic elections or referenda.


VP Internal Affairs (2)

The VP Internal Affairs are responsible for the organization of social, sport and culture activities which promote class interaction and school spirit within the ASA. Such events include frosh, apartment crawls and the end-of-year banquet.


VP Finance

The VP Finance is responsible for managing the funds of the ASA. They are expected to prepare an annual budget and keep proper record of all financial transactions that occur within the ASA.


Who are the Auxilliary Officers? What do they do?


The Cellar Manager is responsible for the management, care and maintenance of The Cellar. They are in charge of the Cellar room-booking system.


Brown-Bag Lecture Series Coordinator

The Brown-Bag Lecture series is a series of informal, lunch-time lecturers organized by the ASA. The Coordinator is entirely in charge of organizing the series from soliciting speakers to arranging for room bookings and advertising the events to students.


Supply Store Representatives (2)

The Supply Store Representatives are in charge of managing the ASA Supply Store. Their responsibilities include contacting suppliers, coordinating with studio profs about required materials and arranging for the purchase and distribution of materials to students.


What is a Class Representative? What do they do?

Class representatives do what their name suggests, represent their class on the ASA and EUS councils. There are two seats for each studio year (U1-3) and one seat for the U0 year. Class reps may also called upon to act as a liason between a class and proffessor. As student leaders, they often undertake initiatives of their own within the studio community - organising social events, purchases of communal goods, etc.


When are asa elections held?

Elections for all Executive and Auxilliary Officer positions are held in March. Officers elected in March being their year-long term on May 1st. Year Representatives are elected at the beginning of the school year in September.

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